16 thoughts on “Thoughtful beer geek gift”

  1. Wow! That’s… impressive. Properly, though, you have to drink from them while sitting at oppposite ends of an impossibly long table in your baronial dining room.

  2. That rules. Boak and Bailey is a unique blog, I wonder where you got the logo from? I always envy the fact you have great pubs down your way in London and I rarely get there but its always a treat when I do. Hopefully I will at the next GBBF

  3. Rob — we photographed it in Germany. It was a faded old beer ad on a block of flats.

    Beer Nut — you’ve seen our house then? Dinner most nights is like the scene in Batman where Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger eat soup.

  4. They’re actually pretty bloody sturdy — thicker than the average pub pint glass, anyway. I managed to get them from Somerset to London in a rucksack without incurring any damage.

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