Friday Pub Quiz #1

A brain.
SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons (edited).

The following twelve beer- and pub-related questions should be reasonably easy if you’ve been reading our blog for the last year or so.

f you haven’t been and find them difficult, it serves you right.

(Use Google if you like, but there’s no prize, and you’ll only be cheating yourself…)

Which of the following is not a pub listed in the 1974 Whitbread pub guide 'Inn & Around'?

Who said: 'I know we were fed up drinking over-marketed fizzy, yellow beer'?

In 1994, who described Carling XD lager like this: 'Sweet start, dry finish. Modest, but refreshing.'

Which beer was originally called 'Mystery Blonde'?

In November 1994, how much was a pint of German wheat beer at the White Horse, West London?

Which beer was advertised with the slogan: 'It looks good, it tastes good, and, by golly, it does you good!'

Who said: 'We are protesting out here because the organisers of this so-called national beer festival refused to let us have a stand inside'?

Which of the following is the fictional brewery featured in soap opera Eastenders?

The Chairman of Flower's brewery in 1962 was...?

Nethergate is notable as one of the first British micro-breweries to use...?

A 'blacksmith' is a mix of which two beers?

The trademark for Bass No 1 is...?

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