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News, Nuggets & Longreads 21/11/2015

These are the beer- and pub-related blog posts and articles that we’ve found most interesting, entertaining or amusing in the past week.

→ For Draft Magazine Joe Stange has compiled a list of recipes for ‘hot beer drinks’ from lambswool to Cornish shenagrum. (The latter being our contribution.)

Devilled ale in cups.

→ Justin Mason provides notes and observations on a pretty serious-sounding home brew beer festival in Essex:

I don’t think any of us actually brew in our sheds… I’ve been home brewing for about four years, and I took it up as a way of saving money. I started brewing from kits at first but soon moved on to all-grain brewing with some interesting results in the beginning.

→ Steve ‘Beers I’ve Known’ Lamond reflects on the increasing number of strong, hoppy double IPAs being brewed in Ireland, with input from the brewers themselves.

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Another Round of #BeeryLongreads: 18 Dec 2015

We’re going to post something longer than usual (1,500+ words) on Friday 18 December, to give our readers something to chew on over the Christmas lull.

If any other beer bloggers fancy joining us, that’d be great — just post on or around the same date.

We won’t be putting together a round-up this time but will be sharing links on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #BeeryLongReads.

Also, by way of encouragement, we’re going to send the best UK-based entry this pile of goodies:

Prize bundle feat. Mikkeller book, Brew Britannia, Watney's half-pint glass, BrewDog keyring &c.

And, because of the cost of postage, the best from outside the UK will get an Amazon voucher or similar.

We’ll decide the winners entirely subjectively and our decision will be final.

PS. Alan at A Good Beer Blog is running a writing competition at his blog; if you also want to submit your #BeeryLongRead as your entry for that, make sure it is more than 2,500 words long and meets the requirements set out at the link above. He’ll be formally launching the contest, along with his annual photo competition, fairly soon — we’ll update this post when the announcement goes live.

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October 2015: The Month That Was

Here’s everything we wrote in October, from in one handy round-up, from ‘lock-ins’ to wood smoke. (Lots about the 1960s this month for reasons that will soon become clear…)

→ We started the month by flagging an appeal from the Oxford English Dictionary research team which is trying to find an earlier usage of the phrase ‘lock in’ than 1991.

→ Kicking off what turned out to be a mild focused month we gave a blunt explanation for why British brewers might be more interested in making Gose than mild.

→ The quest for the solution to the ‘lock in’ question led us to a book from 1936 jam-packed with pubs, beer and encounters with fascists. Continue reading October 2015: The Month That Was

Live in the Midlands and Want to Blog?

If you’re a Midlands-based beer enthusiast who wants to write, the Midlands Beer Blog Collective might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

A while ago, pondering Londoncentricity in beer blogging and writing, we mentioned that Birmingham was under-served by beer bloggers with several veterans having given up, moved on to other roles in the beer industry, or just slowed their production of content to a trickle.

Now, Bob Maxfield and his colleagues have launched a multi-author blog dedicated to ‘the love of beer across the Midlands and beyond’.

He’s looking for people to write on the blog and says:

We are keen to have different backgrounds and points of view on the site to discuss and promote all that is happening in the beer world in the Midlands. I’m happy for people to blog directly on the site or reblog from their own sites.

In other words, you can host a post on your own blog but also share it via the MBBC or, if you can’t be bothered to set up and host your own blog but have something to get off your chest, or only want to blog once in a while, MBBC will host the content for you.

We don’t imagine you have to actually live in the Midlands, either — it might just be that you’ve got something to say about the region’s beer and pub scene based on a visit or previous experience.

Selfishly, we’re delighted because this means there might be a more steady flow of intelligence on what’s going on in the region, and because we think multi-author sites might well be the saviour of beer blogging, taking the pressure off any one individual to keep coming up with material.

If you want to get involved, drop Bob a line via Twitter or by leaving a comment on the ‘About’ page of the blog.

A Lost Decade of Beer Writing?

An article published this week by The Atlantic rings an alarm over the impermanence of online-only content.

In ‘Raiders of the Lost Web‘ Adrienne LaFrance uses as a case study an early venture in turning a piece of narrative journalism into a multimedia ‘web experience’:

[Kevin] Vaughan spent the better part of a year reporting the story. And in that time, a team of web designers, photographers, videographers, and engineers worked with him to build a web experience around the series—the first time the [Rocky Mountain News] had built something digital of this scope… It was worth the effort… In 2008, Vaughan was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in feature writing for the series. The next year, the Rocky folded. And in the months that followed, the website slowly broke apart. One day, without warning, “The Crossing” evaporated from the Internet.

In the (less important) world of beer much of value has also been lost, in part or in full, or lingers on only in fragile form via the Wayback Machine web archiving project.

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