News, Nuggets & Longreads 13/12/2014

Here are some links to enjoy with your breakfast, or perhaps when you’re sat in a pub this afternoon surrounded by shopping bags, shaking and pale, vowing never to leave your Christmas shopping this late again.

Joe Stange’s survey of Bamberg’s breweries and pubs for All About Beer is an evocative piece of travel writing and a useful practical guide for first-time visitors. One to save for future reference.

→ In case you missed it, the Wetherspoon chain and Heineken are having a falling out, ostensibly over supply to a pub in growing JDW’s Irish estate. (Commentary from Tandleman here.)

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Bars That Brew, Brewers With Bars

When we were in the research phase of Brew Britannia during 2013 we thought we observed a nascent trend: the cutting out of middle men.

A few years ago, there was a fairly cosy relationship between brewers, bar owners and distributors serving a nascent  ‘craft beer’ (definition 2) market, each taking a slice of the cost of a third of IPA.

But brewers seem often to feel frustrated at the fact that their reputation so often relies on the care with which their product is presented by third parties — assuming, of course, that they can even get any pubs or bars to stock their beer. The building of a tap room or the acquisition of a tied pub is an obvious solution to these problems.

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Top Beer Tweets of 2014

For the second year in a row, here’s a list of some Tweets that tickled us in the past 12 months.

Because they told us something we didn’t know, expressed an idea efficiently, or simply made us laugh, we favourited, re-Tweeted, or included them in one of our weekly round-ups.

1. The Beer Nut observes an amusing juxtaposition in Bamberg.

2. There’s a lot of history encapsulated in this one photo.

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Hipster School of Thought, No?

When BrewDog’s Sarah Warman asked the question above in relation to hype, it got us thinking, because the hipster school of thought (insofar as it really exists) is a slippery beast.

The term ‘hipster’ was invented in the 1940s but has really gained popularity in the last decade as it has come to encapsulate a certain attitude to culture and fashion, as expressed in this example of the ‘hipster barista’ internet meme:

Hipsters to change a lightbulb barista meme.

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Golden Posts: Best of Beer Blogging 2014

Chris Hall suggested back in the summer that the best blog category in the now annual Golden Pints wasn’t enough to capture all the good stuff going on around the blogoshire and proposed the Golden Posts.

We’re inclined to agree and so here are our nominations, using (most of) Chris’s suggested categories, for the best blog posts of the year.

This was surprisingly hard work: there are lots of great beer bloggers who, between them, have come up with lots of great blog posts. As a result, some of our favourite bloggers don’t get a mention below but hopefully no-one will take it personally.

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