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GALLERY: Brew Britannia Deleted Scenes

Featured image: David Bruce outside the Flounder & Firkin, Islington, in the early 1980s. (SOURCE: David Bruce.)

These are photos we didn’t use in Brew Britannia because they were too low in resolution, too low in contrast, or, in the case of a couple we took ourselves, rotten.

We’ve also thrown in a colour version of the Brahms & Liszt beer label which appears in black-and-white in the book.

With thanks to John Keeble, Brian Schwartz, Martin Sykes, David Bruce, Christian Townsley & John Gyngell and Simon Webster.

PS. We’ve captioned each photo but those don’t seem to be showing up in the enlarged gallery view for some reason. If you want to know who’s in a particular pic and where we got it, then hover over the thumbnails above.


GALLERY: London Pub Details

There are lots of pubs and former pubs on almost every street in London, often with advertisements for long-gone brands.

Crown Hotel, Salford: tile details.

On the Tiles

Many Manchester pubs have more or less elaborate tiling and we managed to snap a few pictures on our visit last week.


Pubs of Penryn & Falmouth

The featured image of Penmere Station is a cheat: it was taken in the summer of 2013 on a previous trip to Falmouth.