Light Lithuanian Lagers – face-off round 1

We’ve enjoyed Svy­tu­rys a lot in the past, and were won­der­ing whether any of the oth­er Lithuan­ian lagers that are often avail­able in Lon­don cor­ner­shops would prove equal­ly enjoy­able.

utenos.jpgSo we popped into our local store and picked up some Kalnapilis (Orig­i­nal) and some Utenos. These were both osten­si­bly “Muench­n­er Hell” types, i.e. light lagers. (NB – both these brew­eries do pil­sners and, more inter­est­ing­ly, baltic porters, but these are less read­i­ly avail­able. Will do a taste test one day).

Kalnapilis had the proud­er boasts (“finest Saaz hops”) etc but it was Utenos that won the day – quite a hop­py taste for a light lager, and very smooth and easy to drink. The Kalnapilis, if it tast­ed of any­thing at all, was rather sweet.

The web­sites for these beers do not fill the real ale / craft beer lover with joy – both are proud­ly boast­ing their “Ice” brand – boast­ing an even milder ver­sion of their cur­rent prod­ucts. And I’m sor­ry, but count­ing the tinned ver­sion of your brew as a dif­fer­ent prod­uct from the bot­tle (when both are pas­teurised) just doesn’t con­vince…

Next round – Svy­tu­rys v Utenos… then we can move away from light lagers and tack­le the heavy stuff.


P.S. the Lithuan­ian word for beer is “alus”. Pre­sum­ably some sign of the old Indo-Euro­pean roots of our word “ale”?

4 thoughts on “Light Lithuanian Lagers – face-off round 1”

  1. Thanks for shar­ing your thoughts on Lithuan­ian beer. Have you ever tried Svy­tu­rys Wheat beer? It has won in the cat­e­go­ry of Wheat Beer at Tesco 2008 Drinks Awards and is not too bad.

  2. Hel­lo LJ

    thanks for drop­ping by. We found the wheat­beer once in our local Turk­ish shop, and I remem­ber lik­ing it, but we’ve nev­er seen it since. Not even in the Lithuan­ian shops!

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