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Nice pubs near stations #1: Victoria Station, London

UPDATE APRIL 2012: These days, if you’re at Victoria, you’re fifteen minutes’ walk from Cask, arguably London’s best pub.

I thought it would be good to start collecting information about nice pubs near stations. There’s nothing more frustrating than having an hour to kill at a station and no idea where to head for a decent brew, so I hope this is of some use.

First up, Victoria Station, London. If you only have 20 minutes or so, your best choice is probably the Wetherspoons in the station itself. Head outside the station and it doesn’t look particularly hopeful. However, there are some excellent pubs in the vicinity, if you know where to look.

5 minutes walk away
This will get you as far as the Jugged Hare on Vauxhall Bridge Road, an excellent Fullers Ale and Pie House. Alternatively, you could head for the Cardinal, a Sam Smiths pub near Westminster Cathedral, but it’s only five minutes if you know exactly where you’re going…

10 minutes walk away
The Horse and Groom is a charming Shepherd’s Neame pub tucked away in a Belgravia Mews. Listen to the locals discuss the price of diamonds.

15 minutes walk away
Head down Buckingham Palace Rd (away from the Palace) and eventually you get to the Rising Sun, a Young’s pub on Ebury Bridge Rd. Last time I went, they did tasty cheap pizza as well as most of the Young’s range.

Alternatively, head into deepest Belgravia for the Star Tavern. This is a great Fullers pub with a decent menu, hidden behind the Austrian embassy.

Google Map link to all these pubs.


7 replies on “Nice pubs near stations #1: Victoria Station, London”

My dad told me once that the Star in Belgravia is where the Russian and American spies used to meet during the cold war.

Great idea for a series of posts.

Euston is one of the easiest station in London for good pubs – there’s the Head of Steam/Doric Arch in the station itself, the Euston Flyer across the road, Mabel’s Tavern…

London Bridge is even better – Market Porter, Wheatsheaf, Rake…

For Farringdon, the Castle right next door has some good beers but equally the Jerusalem is just a street away.


great idea for a list. have you considered created a google map so people can explore your suggetions graphically?

Ilan — we have — the link is at the bottom of the post. We love Google Maps.

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