92 Squadron

Did you know there was a Bat­tle of Britain Loco­mo­tive Soci­ety? No, me nei­ther. Can you work out from the name of the organ­i­sa­tion what they actu­al­ly do? No, me nei­ther.

The impor­tant thing is that they inspired the Bunting­ford Brew­ery Com­pa­ny from Hert­ford­shire to cre­ate 92 Squadron, one of the most deli­cious beers I’ve had in ages. It looks like a brown bit­ter, but has a shed­load of flo­ral, cit­rusy Amer­i­can hops in it (Amar­il­lo and Colum­bus) so tastes a bit like an IPA. High­ly rec­om­mend­ed.

The pump clip for the beer adver­tis­es the soci­ety, with a the weblink above. Nice idea.