Cellar doctor

cellardoctor.jpgGreene King are obvi­ous­ly try­ing to win some brown­ie points in the face of a lot of vit­ri­ol from ale fans – they’ve launched a web­site to help pub land­lords diag­nose and cure prob­lems with their cel­lars which are lead­ing to dodgy pints.

It’s a clever idea, and could real­ly be use­ful, espe­cial­ly for novice land­lords. Many are sad­dled with poor qual­i­ty cel­lars, or are deal­ing with equip­ment that their pre­de­ces­sors just did­n’t look after, so this could make a real dif­fer­ence.

But it’s also stan­dard prac­tice for com­pa­nies with poor rep­u­ta­tions – and Greene King are going that way – to try to asso­ciate them­selves with the very peo­ple who oppose them. BP are now brand­ed much like Green­peace or Friends of the Earth, for exam­ple. Is this Greene King’s attempt to start a “Cam­paign for Decent Pints”?

And, of course, a good beer tast­ing course might be just as use­fu. The land­lord of one of my local pubs – which often serves bad pints – told me once that he did­n’t drink ale, and had no idea what it was meant to taste like… wor­ry­ing.

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  1. Inter­est­ing. I think Guin­ness (and some of the oth­er big brew­ers) oper­ate on a weird def­i­n­i­tion of qual­i­ty which has noth­ing to do with taste, and every­thing to do with uni­for­mi­ty.

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