I hate hi-ball glasses

tumbler1.jpgThe Green­wich Union – Mean­time Brew­ing’s “brew­ery tap” – serves half pints in clean, sim­ple, “tulip” stem glass­es. Fuller’s recent­ly intro­duced sim­i­lar­ly ele­gant glass­es for Dis­cov­ery and Hon­ey Dew. They serve every­thing else in tall, fair­ly nar­row tum­blers, with room for a head. The Pem­bury Tav­ern in Hack­ney Downs, again, used taller than nor­mal half-pint glass­es, with room for a head.

Not all pubs are doing this kind of thing.

I’m real­ly get­ting fed up of order­ing a half and get­ting what looks like a tooth glass, full to the brim, with a grey scum instead of a head. The pints in these pubs look fine, so it’s not the beer, or the tech­nique – just the glass.

I’m kind of used to that with ale, but last night I was served a half of Mean­time’s Helles lager in a straight, short, half pint tum­bler, with no head. It tast­ed fine, but looked dread­ful. Like urine, frankly.

This was­n’t a dodgy pub next to a rail­way sta­tion, with fly-blown win­dows and an inci­dent board out­side: it’s in the good pub guide.

Land­lords – get nicer glass­es!

Pho­to from glass­ware sup­pli­er barmans.com

2 thoughts on “I hate hi-ball glasses”

  1. I could­n’t agree more – a reg­u­lar gripe of mine are those piss poor lit­tle half pint glass­es that make you think you’re drink­ing a shrunk­en pint.

    I think the prac­tice of drink­ing halves, not pints, would draw more peo­ple – par­tic­u­lar­ly women – into drink­ing. Stemmed halves? Even bet­ter! You may think that’s sim­plis­tic and a lit­tle sex­ist, but to hell with it, I think it’s true.

  2. I think stemmed halves are great – the Bel­gians and the French have the right idea.

    There should be no shame in drink­ing halves.

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