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More boring lagers launched

Carlsberg have decided to distribute Polish lager Okocim on tap, across the UK.

Okocim is not an especially exciting beer. It is not even the best Polish lager — and Polish lagers are a sorry bunch, to be honest.

It’s an attempt to tap into the market for “world lagers” — a bizarre sub-category much loved by chain pubs, which includes San Miguel, Kirin Ichiban, Peroni and so on.

I wish someone would distribute Jever Pils, for example, or Kostrizer Schwarzbier. That would be news.

3 replies on “More boring lagers launched”

I love Palone (“smoked” or “burnt”) but it’s difficult to get hold of.

Is Mocne good then? I assumed it was tramp’s brew, like Warka Strong and the other Polish “mocne” beers, but on your recommendation I will check it out.

Err, it is technically special brew, I suppose, but the sweetness is fruity rather than syrupy. To my palate anyway. I liked Debowe Mocne too, so perhaps I have a taste for tramp’s beer. I don’t have the hair to go with it though.

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