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The June Session – attempt #1

I was so looking forward to our first Session. This month’s challenge was to blog about a local brewery or brew, perhaps to act as a guide to tourists or visitors to your town. Living in London, we have a great choice of beer brewed within 150 miles, and we could (we excitedly thought) even extend our options further by opting for somewhere near Bailey’s original manor (Somerset).
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Alas, it wasn’t to be. A tough day at work rounded off a stressful week, and before we knew it, we were in a middle-of-the-road pub (Greene King!!) drinking for the sake of drinking. OK, so I’m pretty sure it’s within 150 miles, but I wouldn’t particularly recommend it to tourists.

Still, this led naturally onto a friday night curry, which for us means a bottle of fantastic Lion Stout. I cannot get over how delicious this beer is. The most remarkable thing is the incredibly long and rich aftertaste, although I also find the dark beige head very appealing. It’s 8%, treacley without being sickly, roasted without being overly bitter – it’s dessert and coffee in one sweet decadent glass.

Of course, if you’re a Londoner you can’t get much less local than Sri Lanka…

lion stout
Find out about the origins of beer-blogging Friday on Appellation Beer

Link to Gastronomic Fight Club, host of this month’s session.

5 replies on “The June Session – attempt #1”

Thanks for dropping by and checking out the brewcam over at my blog.

Your site is going from strength to strength. Interesting articles all the time. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Thanks, Stonch. There are two of us, obviously. We live in London. I’m from Somerset originally; Boak is a Londoner. I don’t know what else is newsworthy!

Thanks Stonch. We started this to exorcise our obsession with beer and brewing, cos let’s face it, the chap on the number 86 isn’t always that interested…

…so it’s been very nice to see that there are so many beer enthusiasts out there!

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