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Ruddles Rebranded

Marketing magazine (July 11, p.6) says that Greene King is rebranding Ruddles — they’re changing the slogan from “serious country” to “proper country”, so they can “run a range of fun activities”. They’ll be giving drinkers the chance to win a tractor, for example.

They’ve also come up with a new “fun” variant on the beer: I don’t know about you, but I’m almost as excited about the exclusive “rhubarb flavoured” Ruddles they’ll be selling in branches of Tescos as I was to see “Greene King IPA — Extra Chilled” on a pump the other day…

If you do have a yearning for a real country beer, I’d highly recommend anything from the Cotleigh brewery in Wiveliscombe, Somerset.

2 replies on “Ruddles Rebranded”

I can’t stand rhubarb, but my one experience with rhubarb beer, from L’Audomaroise brewery in St Omer, was rather good.

Brewers, even Greene King, messing about with recipes is A Good Thing.

Maybe I’ll give it a go, then. What’s the Badger one with peach extract in it? Golden Glory? I don’t like that much.

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