L’Ultime Atome

caveoftrolls.jpg Andreea rec­om­mend­ed this place which we checked out at lunchtime today. We had a few nib­bles and tried three beers each, all of which were good, and a cou­ple of which were great.

The pho­to is of Cuvee de Trolls – the 20th beer Andreea ever reviewed, back in Feb­ru­ary 2006. It looks great, and has a love­ly glass (frost­ed, like the one Babar comes in). The beer itself was decent, if not mind­blow­ing.

The high­light of the ses­sion was “Poper­ings Hom­mel­bier”. Poperinge is the Bel­gian hop grow­ing region, and “hom­mel” is the local word for hops. And how. Like the lit­tle guide to Bel­gian beer we picked up says, “this beer has about twice the bit­ter­ness of oth­er Bel­gian beers”. The first thing we were remind­ed of was an Eng­lish IPA.

  • Ale? Check.
  • Pale? Check.
  • Bit­ter? Check.
  • Strong? 7.5%.

For all that, though, it’s not quite in the same ter­ri­to­ry. For a start, there’s the dis­tinct sug­ar taste and aro­ma which you get in a lot of Bel­gian beer. There’s also not much in the way of flow­ery hop aro­ma, which you’d expect in an IPA. Nonethe­less, an inter­est­ing and refresh­ing­ly bit­ter beer which we’d rec­om­mend hearti­ly.

We also tried Hoe­gaar­den Grand Cru, Ara Bier and Moinette Blonde.

Had a slight hang­over by 5pm. Urgh.

PS – Spot­ted some “boot­leg” West­vleteren in one of the main touristy beer shops in the cen­tre of town.  They weren’t mak­ing a big show of it but it was­n’t hid­den either.  6.25EUR a bot­tle. Did­n’t have the 12 though.


L’Ul­time Atome is at 14 Rue Saint-Boni­face, Brus­sels 1050. There are a num­ber of inter­est­ing bars and restau­rants in that area, includ­ing lots of African places. We may do a Google Map when we get back if we can be both­ered.

4 thoughts on “L’Ultime Atome”

  1. Ahh, priced for the dis­cern­ing cus­tomer… who can’t be both­ered dialling the Monk­phone.

    I liked L’Ul­time Atome. My blog/profile pic­ture was tak­en there.

  2. Dialling the Monk­phone is not the issue. Trav­el­ling to the mid­dle of nowhere sans car is. They had the 12 when we went back. We got one of each. Sor­ry, monks.

    Then again, how do we know it isn’t fake? All you’d need to do is keep the tops and then stamp them on a bot­tle of any­thing in a plain bot­tle.

  3. Yeah! Stick­ing it to the man (of God).

    Regard­ing the pos­si­bil­i­ty of coun­ter­feit St. Six­tus, I return to the fact that this is Bel­gium. They are not, in my expe­ri­ence, the most devi­ous of races, and there seems to me to be a huge risk that a cus­tomer will recog­nise that the prod­uct is not what it says it is. Sounds like some seri­ous “qual­i­ty con­trol research” is in order…

  4. You’ll be pleased to hear they do the Hom­mel­bier nice and cheap at Quin­n’s in Cam­den. They were also doing it in the Crown Tav­ern, Clerken­well not long ago but I haven’t noticed it in the fridge recent­ly.

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