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Boheme 1795

boheme1795.jpgI’m always intrigued by the “own-brand” Czech and German lagers that you see in supermarkets and corner-shops in the UK. Some are rank, but others are real hidden gems. Most are sold in the UK under pseudonyms, but it’s easy enough to trace their true origins online.

So, why wouldn’t I grab six bottles of Tesco’s new Czech lager, “Boheme 1795”, for £4?

It looks, at first sight, like a cheap knock-off of Budvar — white and red label, green bottles, and so on — but turns out to be the real deal: the original Budweiser. The German-owned Mateske brewery was the first to make beer in Budweis in 1795, and made the first pilsner there in 1802.

In the Czech Republic, it’s sold as a Budweiser/Budvar (any beer from České Budějovice is entitled to the name) but in the UK, Tesco have chickened out, to avoid trouble with Anheuser-Busch.

What does it taste like? Better than I expected — drier and more bitter than Budvar, a similar appealing golden colour — but not mindblowing.

But at 66p a bottle, or 50p a bottle if you buy a case of 20 for £10, it’s great value, and definitely more than drinkable.

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Surely they brewed the first Budweiser in 1802 not the first Pilsner?

They have the best claim of anyone to the Budweiser name, being older than either Budvar or A-B.

I remember liking the Samson beers (from the same brewery) when in ÄŒeské BudÄ›jovice in the 1980’s. Then again, at the time Budvar was virtualy unobtainable in the Czechoslovakia, the vast majority being exported.

I thought the brewery was now called Budějovický Měšťanský Pivovar.

Ron — I think the suggestion is that they were the first people to make Pilsner in Budweis, thus inventing the Budweiser. Note that the Tesco label designers have stuck “Pilsen” all over the label, just to confuse people more. “Pils” might have been OK, I guess, but that’s just weird.

On their website it says they brewed the first Budweiser in 1802. Czechs never call anything other than Pilsner Urquell or Gambrinus “Pils”.

It does have me wondering exactly what sort of beer their 1802 Budweiser was. I would assume top-fermented. And probably dark, too.

Concerned when saw “Produced in the Netherlands for Tesco Stores” on the side of the can. States brewed in Ceske Budejovice on the can as well.

Not too gassy but not in my top ten or worst ten. The worst has to be Petermans from Inbev not a beer but a failed gcse chemical experiment.

What with tesco now selling three 20 packs of boheme for £20 ,a measly 33p each, id say this lovely crisp ,hoppy beer has to be the bargain of the year .There are untold treasures in the czech beer market ,especially the dark full beers,kozel etc .an unexploited niche in the market .go for it.Bright eyed and bushy tailed like the Czech girls ,TASTY

My old man got me a six pack of these. He said when he was in Prague this was very popular. So its not just a name made for Tesco?

I greatly enjoy drinking your beer. I have just recently discovered it and it will be my number drink at home.

Would you please tell me what the constituants are and does it contain sugar, animal products, eggs etc.

Peter — you should contact Tesco with those questions but, for what it’s worth, the only animal products commonly found in beer are ‘finings’ (which help the beer clear) made from fish innards. There certainly won’t be any eggs in Boheme 1795.

Would you please advise me if there are any animal products in your beer.

I have recently started to drink Boheme and it is now my favourite bee,

Thank you
Peter gleave

Had a few Boheme’s this evening. Enjoyed them.

A couple of bottles of ‘Finest’ wine too… hard to argue with Tesco, they made a good call on it all.

Bought myself a box of Boheme for Christmas day – absolutely lovely stiff. Strong enough at 4.7% vol, and tasty enough to keep you interested.

Bravo Tesco, bravo.

I work for tesco on beers wines and spirits. I saw the 20 bottles for £10.00 thaught i dont know. They then had 8 cans for £5.00 i tried and was amazed. Personaly i drink Carlsberg botteld beer, but when i purchased boheme i was amazed. It is now my favorate beer it has the taste of a bottled beer but in a can.

woke up with anal bleeding and partially blind in one eye! is this the boheme? good night? not the boheme just found a transexual tramp at the end of the bed poppers in hand!!!

Just wondering where you found the information on the Mateske Brewery being the first to brew in Budweis in 1795. I haven’t been able to find anything else with the reference. My last name should clue you in to why it interests me. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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