Boheme 1795

boheme1795.jpgI’m always intrigued by the “own-brand” Czech and Ger­man lagers that you see in super­mar­kets and cor­ner-shops in the UK. Some are rank, but oth­ers are real hid­den gems. Most are sold in the UK under pseu­do­nyms, but it’s easy enough to trace their true ori­gins online.

So, why wouldn’t I grab six bot­tles of Tesco’s new Czech lager, “Boheme 1795”, for £4?

It looks, at first sight, like a cheap knock-off of Bud­var – white and red label, green bot­tles, and so on – but turns out to be the real deal: the orig­i­nal Bud­weis­er. The Ger­man-owned Mateske brew­ery was the first to make beer in Bud­weis in 1795, and made the first pil­sner there in 1802.

In the Czech Repub­lic, it’s sold as a Budweiser/Budvar (any beer from České Budějovice is enti­tled to the name) but in the UK, Tesco have chick­ened out, to avoid trou­ble with Anheuser-Busch.

What does it taste like? Bet­ter than I expect­ed – dri­er and more bit­ter than Bud­var, a sim­i­lar appeal­ing gold­en colour – but not mind­blow­ing.

But at 66p a bot­tle, or 50p a bot­tle if you buy a case of 20 for £10, it’s great val­ue, and def­i­nite­ly more than drink­able.

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  1. Booo Tesco! Now that bud­weis­er has the offi­cial blue “Pro­tect­ed Geo­graph­i­cal Indi­ca­tion” badge, there’s no call for this kind of kow­tow­ing. Bring it on, Anheuser-Busch.

  2. Sure­ly they brewed the first Bud­weis­er in 1802 not the first Pil­sner?

    They have the best claim of any­one to the Bud­weis­er name, being old­er than either Bud­var or A-B.

    I remem­ber lik­ing the Sam­son beers (from the same brew­ery) when in ÄŒeské BudÄ›jovice in the 1980’s. Then again, at the time Bud­var was vir­tu­aly unob­tain­able in the Czecho­slo­va­kia, the vast major­i­ty being export­ed.

    I thought the brew­ery was now called BudÄ›jovický ›Å¡Å¥anský Pivo­var.

  3. Ron – I think the sug­ges­tion is that they were the first peo­ple to make Pil­sner in Bud­weis, thus invent­ing the Bud­weis­er. Note that the Tesco label design­ers have stuck “Pilsen” all over the label, just to con­fuse peo­ple more. “Pils” might have been OK, I guess, but that’s just weird.

  4. On their web­site it says they brewed the first Bud­weis­er in 1802. Czechs nev­er call any­thing oth­er than Pil­sner Urquell or Gam­bri­nus “Pils”.

    It does have me won­der­ing exact­ly what sort of beer their 1802 Bud­weis­er was. I would assume top-fer­ment­ed. And prob­a­bly dark, too.

  5. Con­cerned when saw “Pro­duced in the Nether­lands for Tesco Stores” on the side of the can. States brewed in Ceske Bude­jovice on the can as well.

    Not too gassy but not in my top ten or worst ten. The worst has to be Peter­mans from Inbev not a beer but a failed gcse chem­i­cal exper­i­ment.

  6. What with tesco now sell­ing three 20 packs of boheme for £20 ‚a measly 33p each, id say this love­ly crisp ‚hop­py beer has to be the bar­gain of the year .There are untold trea­sures in the czech beer mar­ket ‚espe­cial­ly the dark full beers,kozel etc .an unex­ploit­ed niche in the mar­ket .go for it.Bright eyed and bushy tailed like the Czech girls ‚TASTY

  7. My old man got me a six pack of these. He said when he was in Prague this was very pop­u­lar. So its not just a name made for Tesco?

  8. I great­ly enjoy drink­ing your beer. I have just recent­ly dis­cov­ered it and it will be my num­ber drink at home.

    Would you please tell me what the con­sti­tu­ants are and does it con­tain sug­ar, ani­mal prod­ucts, eggs etc.

  9. Peter – you should con­tact Tesco with those ques­tions but, for what it’s worth, the only ani­mal prod­ucts com­mon­ly found in beer are ‘fin­ings’ (which help the beer clear) made from fish innards. There cer­tain­ly won’t be any eggs in Boheme 1795.

  10. Would you please advise me if there are any ani­mal prod­ucts in your beer.

    I have recent­ly start­ed to drink Boheme and it is now my favourite bee,

    Thank you
    Peter gleave

  11. Had a few Boheme’s this evening. Enjoyed them.

    A cou­ple of bot­tles of ‘Finest’ wine too… hard to argue with Tesco, they made a good call on it all.

  12. Bought myself a box of Boheme for Christ­mas day – absolute­ly love­ly stiff. Strong enough at 4.7% vol, and tasty enough to keep you inter­est­ed.

    Bra­vo Tesco, bra­vo.

  13. I work for tesco on beers wines and spir­its. I saw the 20 bot­tles for £10.00 thaught i dont know. They then had 8 cans for £5.00 i tried and was amazed. Per­son­aly i drink Carls­berg bot­teld beer, but when i pur­chased boheme i was amazed. It is now my favo­rate beer it has the taste of a bot­tled beer but in a can.

  14. woke up with anal bleed­ing and par­tial­ly blind in one eye! is this the boheme? good night? not the boheme just found a tran­sex­u­al tramp at the end of the bed pop­pers in hand!!!

  15. Just won­der­ing where you found the infor­ma­tion on the Mateske Brew­ery being the first to brew in Bud­weis in 1795. I haven’t been able to find any­thing else with the ref­er­ence. My last name should clue you in to why it inter­ests me. Any help would be appre­ci­at­ed!!!

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