Guinness is good for you… again

guinness.jpgNew research shows that one pint of Guinness with a meal every day is good for you. Any more than that isn’t. It has an aspirin-like blood-thinning property, apparently.

Diageo are not planning to bring back the old “Guinness is Good For You!” slogan….

4 replies on “Guinness is good for you… again”

I’d rather be ill than have to drink a pint of Guinness a day.

My Mum told me she was recommended Guinness when pregnant so that part of the article is certainly true.

Yeah, my Nan told me she was given a pint of stout after she gave birth. Weird. “Here’s a pint of stout, some fags, and some sausages. Put that lot away and you’ll be right as rain. But be sure to share some with the child.”

I was offered stout when I was having Bailey, I told my mum if it is so good you drink it, I’m not going to.


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