Sherlock Holmes and Beer

Sher­lock Holmes did­n’t much go for beer. I read today, in one of the mil­lions of foot­notes in William S Bar­ing Gould’s Anno­tat­ed Sher­lock Holmes, that in all of the 56 short sto­ries and four nov­els, he drinks beer only a hand­ful of times. On two occa­sions, it’s half-and-half, which he drinks when dis­guised as a work­ing man.

But that did­n’t stop him pos­ing for this adver­tise­ment for Man­n’s Brown Ale in the 1950s (click for big­ger ver­sion).


Although, to be fair, it’s Wat­son who’s the booz­er in this case.

Pic­ture tak­en from Peter Hain­ing’s Sher­lock Holmes Scrap­book.

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