Adelscott and Desperados — eugh!

beer_bottle.jpgAdelscott is a golden (orange) ale made with whisky malt (although many bars mistakenly advertise it as containing whisky). Desperados is a Mexican-type beer with a shot of tequila in each bottle (or, rather, “aromatised” with tequila). They are brewed by Fischer (Heineken) in France.

Both beers are available in almost every bar there. They cost a euro or two more than ordinary lagers, and are pushed as “specialty beers” or “beers for tasting”.

We thought Adelscott might be interesting — Boak’s boss had raved about it. We weren’t expecting much from Desperados. But, just to make sure, last week we sat in a bar in Montpelier and ordered one Adelscott and one Desperados.

And guess what — both are foul. Desperados tastes like a particularly sickly lemonade; Adelscott tastes like Lucozade. Both are full of flavourings and unfermented sugar, so taste like alcopops. They are also quite strong, at nearly 6% each.

Avoid ’em. We’d rather drink Heineken — and that’s saying something.

Image: interesting detail from an entirely unrelated beer bottle.

5 replies on “Adelscott and Desperados — eugh!”

I didn’t mind Adelscott too much, but Desperados is one of only two beers I have given the lowest possible score to on RateBeer. It is truly awful.

The other one by the way was Kaliber which of course is argubly not even beer.

Seriously? You could actually drink Adelscott? Mister, you’re a better man than I, as the Yardbirds once sang.

Makes my stomach turn to think about it… you didn’t mention that after we’d decided to do this, the first bar we went into didn’t have “Despe” (as the cool cats who drink it call it) and so we had to leave. I cannot imagine another time in my life when I would leave a bar for NOT having a horrible beer…

Ah, the sacrifices we make for this blog.

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