Bailey’s stout cravings continue

stout.gifIt’s got cold in the UK this week. I’ve even thought about cracking out a coat or sweater, although I’ll probably stick to shirt sleeves until at least December.

But it’s not like I’m ignoring the cold — I’ve just started to drink an unusual amount of stout.

All the big breweries are wheeling out autumn beers, most of which seem (rather obviously) to be red. Despite a very nice pint of Moor Brewery’s Avalon Autumn at the Pembury Tavern on Sunday, it’s the thick black stuff I’m craving.

It was Sam Smiths Extra Stout on Saturday (great); Meantime’s London Stout last night (flat, sweet, boring); and a Guinness on the train back from the North this afternoon (free). A stout — even a mediocre one — is better than a blanket for keeping out the cold.

But what about when it gets really cold? you’re wondering. Well, that’s when the strong stouts will come out, I guess.