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Krusovice schwarzbier

krusovice.jpg Last night, I really wanted to drink a beer I hadn’t tried before, so I rummaged about in the “cellar” (garage) and found a bottle of Czech Krusovice  schwarzbier someone had left after a party.

It’s a very gentle 3.8% (perfect for a school night). In the glass, as you can see from the photo, it was very dark, but still transparent, with a nice off-white head. The taste, however, was disappointing at first.

I’m one of those suckers who expects dark beer to taste stronger than lighter coloured beers — even though I’ve done blind taste tests on glasses of helles and dunkel and not been able to tell the difference! This beer was very light bodied and lightly flavoured, despite its colour.

After the initial let down, though, I decided this beer was in the subtle category, rather than being bland. Or perhaps “mild” is the right word because, yes, this looked and tasted not unlike a dark English mild. Not much in the way of hop flavour, aroma or bitterness — just some sweet, chocolate-like malt and a refreshing wateriness. I know wateriness is not something people generally praise in a beer, but I don’t always want goop.

With hindsight, I wish I’d drunk it with a desert, or perhaps just with a juicy orange, rather than a big salty pizza, which might have brought out some bitterness, but I enjoyed it anyway. Worth a go if you see it about.

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When I first lived in Prague I remember really liking this, but I think my tastes have changed quite a lot. Out of the widely available Czech dark lagers, this is probably the most like an English mild ale. Certainly an easy drinker. I’m surprised one of your party guests laid their hands on it here in Britain. I believe it’s mainly exported to Bohemia’s Central European neighbours and Scandinavia. An imported calls Pivovar ships it over here but I’ve never seen it anywhere.

Just noticed Beer Nut’s comment. Yes, I always found it a bit richer with a full body on draught. Krusovice (recently bought out by Heineken, boo!) have managed to secure the concession to supply the cafes within the precincts of Prague castle. If you visit there you’ll probably end up quaffing a (very expensive) half litre of it.

I think they picked it up in a corner shop in Leytonstone. Who knows how it ended up there.

Maieb — thanks for the info. I take it your Sainsbury’s has a pretty decent selection of beer? The one in my home town has a massive beer section, but the one where we live in London really has nothing, and they actually made it smaller recently. Annoyingly, ASDA is our best bet round here.

Yes, our out of town Sainsburys has a good selection of British stuff and a fair smattering of overseas beers. The town centre one is pretty poor though. I think this is pretty representative of Sainsbury’s policies.

ASDA saps my soul. Waitrose is generally the best bet for beer in my area, but then finding any supermarket in EC1 that’s larger than a postage stamp is a challenge.

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