Boozing tactics – pre-emptive greasy spoon

regency.jpgIt’s not a great way to increase your life expectan­cy, but tac­ti­cal use of junk food can make a night out a much more plea­sur­able affair, and save you from a hang­over the next day.

The Regency Cafe in Pim­li­co is beau­ti­ful­ly pre­served 1940s cafe with a menu of fine­ly pre­pared stodge. It’s a five minute walk from West­min­ster, and the per­fect place to go before the pub.

On Fri­day night, I ate a huge plate of fish­cakes, chips and beans before meet­ing mates for sev­er­al pints of Crouch Vale Brewer’s Gold. At the end of the night, I bare­ly felt even tip­sy because there was so much pota­to in my stom­ach.

You don’t get the same effect by float­ing a spicy kebab on top of the booze. Eat before you drink!

This, of course, is food and beer match­ing in the crud­est sense…


2 thoughts on “Boozing tactics – pre-emptive greasy spoon”

  1. Well im just back from a ses­sion at my old local and I went straight from work miss­ing any padding meal. I must say the post ses­sion Chi­nese take­away seems to be work­ing won­ders.

  2. I’m with you on this. Per­son­al­ly before a ses­sion on the beers I tend to eat first, often tak­ing a meal ear­li­er than I would oth­er­wise. As I’ve said before, the whole beer and food match­ing thing isn’t my bag.

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