Fuller’s London Porter

london_porter_straight.jpgFol­low­ing a tip-off from Stonch’s blog, I con­vinced some col­leagues that, if we must go for an after work drink on a Tues­day night, we should do it at a Fuller’s pub, so I could try cask-con­di­tioned Lon­don Porter.

It’s one of our very favourite beers – there’s a very short list of about four beers that both Boak and I agree are bang on – but I’d nev­er had it on tap.

As is often the case, it was a very dif­fer­ent beer than the bot­tled ver­sion. It had a lighter body for one thing and pos­si­bly also a lighter colour (trans­par­ent red). Unlike the bot­tled ver­sion, it main­tained a love­ly head all the way down. It was incred­i­bly fruity, with a lit­tle less of the sour­ness or cof­fee flavour I’m used to from the bot­tle.

I prob­a­bly ever so slight­ly pre­fer the bot­tled ver­sion, but nonethe­less, it would be nice if this stayed on tap in Fuller’s pubs all year round. As it is, they often have both Hon­ey Dew and Dis­cov­ery, which are sim­i­lar-tast­ing light, lagery ales, and HSB and Lon­don Pride, which are sim­i­lar tast­ing brown bit­ters, and noth­ing like a dark mild/stout/porter except Guin­ness.

In fact, all pubs should make it their busi­ness to have one light­ish beer, one brown beer, and one black beer. Then there would always be some­thing to suit my mood.

4 thoughts on “Fuller’s London Porter”

  1. How can you pre­fer the pas­teurised, fil­tered and artif­i­cal­ly car­bon­at­ed bot­tled ver­sion to the real deal? Argh!

  2. Sor­ry to have made you cry in anguish, but I’m not going to say I pre­fer one to the oth­er when I don’t on the basis of cask-ale dog­ma. And I’m always care­ful to say “I pre­fer it” rather than “it’s bet­ter”. After all, what do I know about any­thing?

  3. I whole­heart­ed­ly agree about wish­ing pubs would have more vari­ety in their cask offer­ings. Wouldn’t it be great to back to the sit­u­a­tion as it was around the time of WW I when a typ­i­cal Lon­don pub had these beers on draught?


  4. Ron – the real­ly frus­trat­ing thing for me is that so many pubs still have beau­ti­ful liv­ery out­side adver­tis­ing porters, stouts and sparkling Bur­ton pale ales which only serve to under­line how dis­ap­point­ing the selec­tion inside real­ly is. CAMRA seem to have made some progress get­ting mild back into pubs, but I rarely see any stout oth­er than Guin­ness, even in pret­ty decent places.

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