Power Station Porter

battersea.pngBat­tersea Brewery’s Pow­er Sta­tion Porter is crop­ping up all over the place these days, notably in the Rake where I first saw it, and in ASDA, where I bought a bot­tle today.

It’s a rel­a­tive­ly light coloured, medi­um strength porter (4.8%), which is accent­ed towards chocolate/fruit flavours rather than smoky/coffee ones. I like it, but both times I’ve tried it have been dis­ap­point­ed by a slight fizzy qual­i­ty, and a head which dis­ap­pears instant­ly. I went through an elab­o­rate glass wash­ing rit­u­al today and even that didn’t help.

It’s one of those beers that isn’t astound­ing – I still pre­fer Fuller’s Lon­don Porter – but it’s full of flavour, and there aren’t many small Lon­don brew­eries, so I’m going to keep buy­ing it when I see it.

I also think that their label design is fan­tas­tic, being con­tem­po­rary but not trendy; tra­di­tion­al, but not mock-Vic­to­ri­an; and sim­ple with­out being plain.