Service update

You might have noticed that the posts have been a bit less fre­quent recent­ly. That’s because:

1. Boak is study­ing for an exam and so has time nei­ther to drink nor write about any­thing oth­er than some­thing called “sub­junc­tives” (search me…) and

2. I’m in the mid­dle of my sec­ond attempt at Nation­al Nov­el Writ­ing Month – I’m sup­posed to write 50,000 words between 1 and 30 Novem­ber.

Of course, beer is play­ing a part in the lat­ter. Is it unhealthy that my reward for reach­ing a day’s tar­get (say, 3000 words by lunchtime today) is usu­al­ly a strong Bel­gian beer…?

4 thoughts on “Service update”

  1. Would that I could get some nice beer to moti­vate me.

    Still, one of the innu­mer­able Irish pubs in town has just got in some Lon­don Pride. Should I, on the basis that ´m get­ting home­sick, or shouldn´t I, on the basis that it will almost cer­tain­ly be a trav­es­ty…

  2. Don’t both­er. You’ll be home in a few weeks and then you can drink all the Lon­don Pride you like.

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