Service update

You might have noticed that the posts have been a bit less frequent recently. That’s because:

1. Boak is studying for an exam and so has time neither to drink nor write about anything other than something called “subjunctives” (search me…) and

2. I’m in the middle of my second attempt at National Novel Writing Month — I’m supposed to write 50,000 words between 1 and 30 November.

Of course, beer is playing a part in the latter. Is it unhealthy that my reward for reaching a day’s target (say, 3000 words by lunchtime today) is usually a strong Belgian beer…?

4 replies on “Service update”

Would that I could get some nice beer to motivate me.

Still, one of the innumerable Irish pubs in town has just got in some London Pride. Should I, on the basis that I´m getting homesick, or shouldn´t I, on the basis that it will almost certainly be a travesty…

Don’t bother. You’ll be home in a few weeks and then you can drink all the London Pride you like.

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