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Army and Navy beer shop is no more

The specialist beer and wine shop which used to be in the basement of Army and Navy Stores (House of Fraser) on Victoria Street in Westminster has been replaced… by a branch of Gap.

So, no more Sam Smith gift sets; no more oddball Belgian beers; and no more bottle-conditioned stouts and porters, five minutes from my work.

Still, at least I’ll be able to buy “khakis” and striped scarves now…


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Not 100%. I just wandered round the shop and couldn’t find it anywhere. No wine or whisky anywhere as far as I could see, either. And the lady I asked just looked confused, like they’d never had any wine or beer and I was a madman speaking in tongues.

To be fair I’m not averse to the odd item from GAP. Unless I’m mistaken, It’s about the only major US clothing chain with any significant presence in Britain these days. One of the many small things I cite to support my oft expressed view that life in Britain is, despite the language thing, far more similar to that of European neighbours than that of USAians.

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