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Brooklyn East India Pale Ale

brooklynipa.jpgBoak’s collossal haul from Quaff’s included one beer we were both excited to try — Brooklyn’s East India Pale Ale. We’re huge fans of the ubiquitous Brooklyn Lager, and of American IPAs, so it seemed certain to appeal.

I’m sure this is the kind of thing that our friends in the US can find fairly easily, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen a bottle in the UK.

We thought it was delicious. It’s a lovely burnt orange colour, with sweet malt and incredibly powerful American hop aroma and flavour.

The obvious comparison is with another favourite of ours, Goose Island IPA. We actually struggled to work out how, if at all, it tasted different, eventually deciding that we thought it was a little more bitter — slightly “crisper”, to get all la-di-da about it.

It’s also stronger than Goose Island IPA (6.8 per cent compared to 5.9) so it might also stand to be compared to Titan IPA which we’ve had at the famous Rake bar.

But… Goose Island might still have the edge.

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I’ll be honest – I really, really don’t rate this one. I tried it a few weeks ago, expecting a lot, and felt very let down. I too think Brooklyn Lager is a phenomenal beer, but this just doesn’t live up to that.

Goose Island IPA, on the other hand, well that really is sublime.

Stonch — I notice that it also has a much lower rating than GIIPA on the various beer rating websites. Interesting. I actually said as I was drinking it that, if someone gave me it in a glass and *told me* it was Goose Island, I wouldn’t question them. But that says more about my dodgy palate than about the beer, I guess…

I’m just glad to see all these posts as of late indicating that more American beer is getting to your shores and becoming accessible. I enjoy a good portion of the UK stuff we’re able to get here, so keep it comin’.

Here’s an example of how quality American beer is becoming more common in the UK – yesterday I was running along the South Bank and passed through the German Christmas Market they’ve set up next to Tower Bridge. The mulled wine stall also had a prominent display of Anchor Our Special Ale (the winter seasonal).

I’m glad to hear of good quality American craft brew becoming more readily available in the UK. From my side of the pond though, I’m not able to get much variety in the way of UK beers. Of course I can get the old standards (Fullers, etc.) but surely there are a lot of smaller breweries in the UK that make great stuff. It may be more an issue of where in particular I live in the US (Texas) than it is the US as a whole. Suggestions?

The Dude, British beer culture is centred on cask ale and therefore you’ll never get to experience it properly unless you come here. Most pasteurised bottled beers and even a lot of the bottle conditioned stuff aren’t worth bothering with, and certainly won’t live up to the draught equivalent.

Book a flight to London, and in the meantime enjoy your local beer!

The Dude — I’m not sure what makes it over there from over here, but there are tons of British breweries who don’t even export outside their own small area of the UK, nevermind overseas. Although I broadly agree with Stonch, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that if you can’t get to the UK, it’s not worth trying British beers in bottle. As long as its fresh and has been stored properly, even pasteurised and filtered bottled beer often tastes great to me. Just bear in mind that they might not taste as fresh or as interesting as they would on tap in a pub near the brewery! Look out for Cotleigh (from Somerset), Hook Norton and Titanic (especially their stout). They all know how to make the best of their beer in bottles.

Thanks for the replies folks. I’ll keep an eye out for the bottles you mention above. A trip to London to taste some nice cask ales wouldn’t break my heart in the slightest, but unfortunately it isn’t a trip that’s likely to happen anytime soon. This working for a living business is highly overrated. 8^)

Maybe one day after I get my kids through school though.

Cheers all and Merry Christmas,

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