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Homecoming beer: Thornbridge St Petersburg Stout

I’m back in the UK. We’d been saving a bottle of St Petersburg Stout for a while (“best after November 2007”) and it seemed like a good occasion to drink it. The brewery, Thornbridge produce a range of interesting beers, including Jaipur, which has been featured in many magazines this year. imperian-russian-stout.jpg

This “Imperial Russian Stout” is 7.7% and absolutely glorious. Extremely complex layers of flavours that linger a long time, with a flowery hoppy aroma. This may sound weird but the mix of vanilla, coffee, and milky notes reminded me of Bailey’s. But with a fantastic roasted chocolate-bitter kick at the end.

A fitting homecoming beer to remind me of the exciting brewing scene in this country.


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They had this on cask at the White Horse Old Ale Fest but I didn’t get round to trying it (there’s only so much imperial stout I can be bothered with in one evening).

We have this on draft at The Bear Inn, Derbyshire. Absolutely outstanding beer’s coming out of Thornbridge… we also have Jaipur on as a House Ale and try to offer a different Thornbridge every week or so!

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