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Mail order beer that works

livingbeer.gifIt used to be that ordering beer online was more trouble than it’s worth, but the people at have managed to convert us.

More than once, we’ve placed carefully composed orders with reputable suppliers only to find that when the box turned up several weeks later, there were broken bottles, and that most of the beers we’d asked for were out of stock and had been substituted with stuff we could get in our local supermarket.

Livingbeer’s big selection box sidesteps at least part of that process — it’s just 48 different bottle-conditioned beers from all over the UK. You don’t pick and choose, you just wait to see what you’re going to get.

So, although it means we’ve got some beers we might not have chosen ourselves, opening the four massive boxes was like Christmas Day. Each bottle was like a little gift to unwrap. We’d heard of about one fifth of the beers in the selection and had only tried a handful before. So, our cellar now looks very healthy.

And this time, we didn’t get any broken bottles. The beers were very securely wrapped and all were intact.

If you’ve got a hundred quid to spare, we heartily recommend giving it a go.


We’d previously come across through Google, but were tempted to give it a go by the 33% off January offer advertised earlier this month on Stonch’s blog.

2 replies on “Mail order beer that works”

Sounds like a positive experience. Not used them myself as I like o know what I’m getting, although the surprise element sounds intriguing.

I can heartily recommend Beers Of Europe though. Faultless in my experience.

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