Pride of Spitalfields – a great little boozer

We seem to be con­nect­ed again, so I can quick­ly post a few notes about the Pride of Spi­tal­fields, in Shored­itch / Whitechapel.

I used to go there quite a lot, around five or six years ago. Then I changed jobs and was­n’t in the area so fre­quent­ly. In fact, I don’t think I’d been there for three or four years until I vis­it­ed a cou­ple of days ago. I was delight­ed to find it was as friend­ly and wel­com­ing as ever.

It’s inter­est­ing – if you read the reviews, lots of peo­ple con­trast this “tra­di­tion­al east end booz­er” with unfavourable com­ments about trendy pubs and Nathan Bar­ley types fur­ther up the road in Shored­itch.

But actu­al­ly, there are a fair few trendy types that vis­it this pub too (we even spot­ted Tracey Emin once). And that’s my favourite thing about this pub – the fact that it’s gen­uine­ly wel­com­ing to all. They don’t care if you’re a beard­ed CAMRA mem­ber, a “suit”, a local trendy or even an avant-garde British artist. They don’t judge you – or at least, if they do, they don’t let on.

The beer’s great too – as well as Lon­don Pride and ESB, they also had Crouch Vale Brew­er’s Gold, an excel­lent beer in excel­lent con­di­tion. Oh, and there’s a fire and lots of cool pho­tos of the East End. What more could you want?

It can get crowd­ed towards the end of the week, but it’s just far enough from the City (10 min­utes walk from Liv­er­pool Street) for it not to become unbear­able.

It’s the kind of place that I’d move near so it could be my local. Eas­i­ly one of my favourite pubs in Lon­don.


The Pride of Spi­tal­fields is at 3 Heneage Street, about 10 metres off Brick Lane. For trans­port details and map, see the Beer in the Evening review, although please note that Shored­itch sta­tion no longer exists.

If you’re a beer enthu­si­ast in the area, you should brave the cur­ry touts on Brick Lane to take a look at the old Tru­man Brew­ery build­ings. It’s all bars and stu­dios now, but most of the orig­i­nal build­ings are still intact, and it’s quite awe-inspir­ing to see the size of the place. And of course, there’s plen­ty of cur­ry around for before or after – my favourite places are on Whitechapel High Street rather than Brick Lane itself, but I’m sure you’ll find some­thing tasty.


9 thoughts on “Pride of Spitalfields – a great little boozer”

  1. Nuf­fin faux-Lon­don about me, me ol’ Chi­na… Not that I want to be one of those bores who thinks they’re great just coz of where they’re born.

    Oth­er clich­es I could have used were “a real east-end local” or “an old-fash­ioned cock­ney wel­come”. But they’re often euphemisms for not par­tic­u­lar­ly friend­ly places, in my expe­ri­ence.

  2. This is with­in 15 min­utes walk of my Lon­don abode and is a favourite of mine, but only real­ly for the deli­cious Crouch Vale Brew­er’s Gold, which thank­ful­ly replaced CV Pale Al;e some years ago.

    But it is a smash­ing lit­tle pub too, though not so good if you are unlucky enough to call when the Brew­er’s Gold has all been supped! Then the sim­ple rule applies. No good beer? No point. And Fuller’s just aint good beer.

  3. Hel­lo, Tan­dle­man. Not a Fuller’s fan,eh? ESB, Lon­don Pride and Lon­don Porter are three of my very favourite beers.

  4. It tells me you are a Fuller’s fan. And now a Shep­herd Neame fan. Over sweet beer from the first and over harsh beer from the sec­ond.

    Both brew­eries could and should do a lot bet­ter, though I did like the Lon­don Porter.

  5. I’m by no means a Shep­herd Neame fan – most of their beer is very dull – but the porter is good, and I like 1698 (although I had an off bot­tle the oth­er day which was like drink­ing gold­en syrup). Once again, I find myself won­der­ing if there isn’t an ele­ment of sub­jec­tiv­i­ty in the appre­ci­a­tion of beer…

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