We're off to Duesseldorf

Probably no updates until Monday or Tuesday, as we’re off to Duesseldorf. Trying to explain this choice of location to non-beer-lovers has been quite interesting. We’ve obviously very excited; we’ve tried a couple of good Alts outside Duesseldorf and can’t wait to drink it at source.

We will of course be using Ron Pattinson’s European Beer Guide as a key source, as he’s handily put together a map and guide to Duesseldorf. If anyone else has any particular recommendations, do let us know. We’re toying with the idea of going to Muenster as well, to visit Pinkus Mueller, but don’t know if we’ll have time…

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Very good!

WordPress seems to throw a wobbly with foreign letters. Or it’s OK for a while, and then when we update it decides it doesn’t like it. One day I’ll sort it out.

I once got ticked off for writing Dusseldorf without any indication of umlaut as this apparently means idiot village or something like that. That’s probably about as true as the rumour that the Germans were planning to phase out umlauts and that double-s thing.

Try to find time to visit Gleumes in Krefeld, great beer great place and great goulash soup. I was there the day after visiting Duesseldorf on a weekend with Tom Perera two years ago we all had a great weekend. Hope you enjoy it too.

Hi Andy, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for the suggestion. As it was, we didn’t get out of Dusseldorf this time round. Only makes us more keen to plan the next trip to that part of the world!

Glad you enjoyed Duesseldorf. I’ve found the whole Ruhr area to be surprisingly good for beer, the public transport system helps. Last time we covered 5 cities over the weekend.

Of course good as Duesseldorf is it’s nothing when compared to Bamberg/Franconia.

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