Our big party

party_pics.jpgIt’s been quiet on the blog front in the last week or two, mostly because we’ve been spending every spare minute preparing for our big party.

We’ve been together for 10 years (yikes) so we had all our friends round to celebrate. Of course, we got weirdly into the beer and booze arrangements…

We brewed four batches of beer just for the party — the aforementioned lager and IPA among them.

We asked guests to bring the weirdest beer they could find (a good way to restock the cellar…). And we set up a frankly over-elaborate bar which took up a good quarter of the front room.

Two observations:

1. Behind the bar is the best place to be at a party. You get to talk to everyone without moving from one spot.

2. It’s really easy to tell if people actually like your homebrew…

In the past, they’ve been polite — “Mmm, yeah, it’s OK,” and then the next thing you know you find a mostly full glass hidden behind a vase and they’re chugging from a bottle of commercial lager. Last night, all of our beer went, leaving us with most of the commercial beer we’d bought as a backup. People came back for seconds… and asked for takeaway!

The mild (from a polypin) went down very well, which was especially pleasing because when we tried it on Friday, it hadn’t conditioned. It carbonated overnight.

We love it when a plan comes together.

Normal service resumes — assuming we ever drink again…


Picture: the entries in our bring-a-beer competition.

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There’s a few more exciting treats that didn’t make the photo. Rogue Smoke Ale, Biohanfbier from some organic place in Austria and various Belgian treats. I think our friends did pretty well actually.

We do still seem to have picked up a crate of Stella though.

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