Our IPA worked

ipa2.jpgIt’s been a steep learning curve, but we now seem to be able to brew decent beer. Our lager was great and, tonight,  we drank the first bottle of our IPA . We’re delighted with it.

We can’t really give you objective tasting notes. Suffice to say, it has a really nice fruity, malty flavour, and tons of hop aroma (which we’ve also struggled to achieve in the past). Having been in the bottle for a mere 10 days, the yeast hasn’t quite compacted at the bottom of the bottle, but there was a lovely dense, long-lasting head. We normally just get fizz, so things have definitely taken a step forward for us.

We’re giving most of the credit to liquid yeast — it seems to add a certain complexity we were missing.

Next up, a mild.

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It’s very possible. Our recent flurry of small-industrial scale brewing has been because we’re having a party (our 10th anniversary, and a big birthday for me — I’m not naming the number).

If there’s are any left after our chums have filled their boots, we’ll dispatch you a gift pack… in exchange for feedback, of course. Do any other London based bloggers want to get on the waiting list…?

W’ve got a wit, an IPA and a lager in the bag, and the mild is fermenting as we speak.

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