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Wetherspoons: desperate?

pedigree_logo.jpgWe just received a glossy little magazine full of vouchers from Wetherspoons, like the ones you get from ASDA or Iceland. It contains such exciting voucher offers as:

  • Coors Light — £1.49 a pint — new!
  • Efes Pilsner — £1.49 a bottle!
  • Finest real ale — Pedigree and Abbot at £1.29 a pint!

Hmmm. No, that’s going to get us down to Wetherspoons, especially as our nearest one is full of tramps with the shakes.

Stella Artois has successfully marketed itself as a premium brand in the past, and so now we see Marstons and Greene King seeming to do the opposite. Marston’s Pedigree — “worryingly cheap…?”

One thing that’s rather heart-warming, though: this flyer appears to be aimed at what Location, Location, Location calls “cost-conscious neighbourhoods”, but still finds room for a page on Wetherspoon’s (sort of) ethical food sourcing policy. It’s nice that we’re getting over the idea that working class people don’t have a moral code.

Bit of politics, there.


2 replies on “Wetherspoons: desperate?”

This post somehow sent itself. The full text is below:

I got one too, It doesn’t tempt me, but that’s not to say others won’t rush for cheap Pedigree, a beer so horrible these days I rarely if ever drink it.

As readers of my blog know I do go to the odd JDW, but it isn’t in search of a cheap pint, but a different one.

Yes JDW does attract a few Jakey types, but putting them aside, I am not too snobbish about people who otherwise couldn’t afford to go to the pub getting a chance to do so.

I doubt if they are too worried about ethics though when they enter, just as most of us, truthfully aren’t either.

More politics!

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