First they came for the Special Brew…part two

It seems I spoke too soon when I wrote about West­min­ster coun­cil’s scheme to ban strong lagers and ciders from off-licences in cer­tain spots.

I should point out that this is a vol­un­tary scheme, not the result of any leg­is­la­tion, and that it is localised to sev­er­al areas with­in West­min­ster which are par­tic­u­lar­ly known for “street-drinkers”.

The Con­ser­v­a­tive par­ty announced yes­ter­day that if they come to pow­er they would be seek­ing to raise tax­es on high strength beer and cider, and also alcopops.

As I said in my orig­i­nal post, and as the com­men­ta­tors added, your aver­age alkie will just switch to wine or what­ev­er else gives you more bang for your buck.

Mean­while, some of us have Impe­r­i­al Stout and Bel­gian triple habits to maintain…For want­i­ng to drink these, I am not a “sen­si­ble drinker” in the eyes of the Tories. But as a young(ish) woman, I prob­a­bly should­n’t be drink­ing at all, accord­ing to them – the rea­son for the attack on alcopops is that these are “tar­get­ed pri­mar­i­ly at young women”. Young women drink­ing? Next they’ll be get­ting jobs and hav­ing sex.


3 thoughts on “First they came for the Special Brew…part two”

  1. Of course the fun­ny thing is that the polit­i­cal folks are heavy drinkers them­selves. I used to work for an MP and haunt­ed a few par­lia­men­tary bars, and I tell you: there’s no short­age of binge drink­ing in West­min­ster.

  2. Well, indeed. And in the halls of our hal­lowed uni­ver­si­ties. Doc­tors? Biggest booz­ers of the lot.

    Drink­ing more than we should is deep-root­ed in most parts of our cul­ture and has been for cen­turies. Not that that’s nec­es­sar­i­ly any­thing to be proud of, but it’ll take more than some half-thought-out leg­is­la­tion to change it.

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