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First they came for the Special Brew…part two

It seems I spoke too soon when I wrote about Westminster council’s scheme to ban strong lagers and ciders from off-licences in certain spots.

I should point out that this is a voluntary scheme, not the result of any legislation, and that it is localised to several areas within Westminster which are particularly known for “street-drinkers”.

The Conservative party announced yesterday that if they come to power they would be seeking to raise taxes on high strength beer and cider, and also alcopops.

As I said in my original post, and as the commentators added, your average alkie will just switch to wine or whatever else gives you more bang for your buck.

Meanwhile, some of us have Imperial Stout and Belgian triple habits to maintain…For wanting to drink these, I am not a “sensible drinker” in the eyes of the Tories. But as a young(ish) woman, I probably shouldn’t be drinking at all, according to them — the reason for the attack on alcopops is that these are “targeted primarily at young women”. Young women drinking? Next they’ll be getting jobs and having sex.


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Of course the funny thing is that the political folks are heavy drinkers themselves. I used to work for an MP and haunted a few parliamentary bars, and I tell you: there’s no shortage of binge drinking in Westminster.

Well, indeed. And in the halls of our hallowed universities. Doctors? Biggest boozers of the lot.

Drinking more than we should is deep-rooted in most parts of our culture and has been for centuries. Not that that’s necessarily anything to be proud of, but it’ll take more than some half-thought-out legislation to change it.

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