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Grain Brewery — good beer, great branding

lrg_logo.gifGrain Brewery are riding the zeitgeist with their packaging — they’ve come up with a label design which makes their delicious porter look like some kind of health food.

They’ve cleverly chosen to remind people of what’s actually in the beer. If you’ve brewed yourself, you’ll know how nice the grain smells when it goes into the tun. That’s what this branding makes me think of.

That’s presumably why our local free-range, organic, fair-trade deli is stocking a good chunk of their range.

So far, we’ve only tried the porter. It smells like espresso and tastes sour and fruity. The head lasted all the way to bottom of the glass. It’s fortified with port and bottle-conditioned, so was anything but dull. These are qualities we like in a beer.

We’ll be trying the others soon!


2 replies on “Grain Brewery — good beer, great branding”

Try their Dark Oak, I reviewed it on my blog in January – a fantastic bottled ale. I’ve enjoyed their ales at local festivals as well.

Ah, so you did. Re: the porter, I would agree with your comment that it is without “the taint that you often get with microbrewery real ale in a bottle.”

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