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jamesclay.jpgBeer enthu­si­asts in the UK owe James Clay and Sons a debt of thanks.

They’re the can­ny importers who have made it pos­si­ble for us to get our hands on Brook­lyn Lager, Goose Island IPA, and oth­er excit­ing beers we’ve banged on about in the past.

On their web­site, they list their top ten sell­ers. As of Mon­day 24 March, this is how the chart looked:

    2.Erdinger Weiss
    3.Lindemans Kriek
    4.Lindemans Fram­boise
    5.Chimay Red Cap
    6.Schneider Weisse
    8.Brooklyn Lager
    9.Sierra Neva­da Pale Ale
    10.Karmeliet Triple

Ring any bells? It’s what’s in the fridges in almost every even vague­ly aspi­ra­tional bar or pub in Britain.

Sure, it gets a bit bor­ing see­ing those same beers all the time, and, yes, Vedett is shite, but I’d be very glad if my local swapped its fridge full of Stel­la, Becks, Hol­sten and WKD Blue for just a few of those.

6 thoughts on “Top of the Pops”

  1. We get these re-import­ed through Clay’s as well, usu­al­ly. Or at least they have a Clay label on them.

    A trun­cat­ed ver­sion of that list is very famil­iar from bars like this.

  2. Schnei­der Weisse at that all impor­tant num­ber 6 slot is one of my favourites.

    I found Clays a lit­tle prob­lem­at­ic to deal with, but it was over two years ago now, per­haps they’ve improved.

  3. Clays are OK to work with and as Boak and Bai­ley say, they’re respon­si­ble for bring­ing some good beers into the coun­try.

    Out of inter­est, among beers that aren’t cur­rent­ly avail­able here in the UK, which do you think would have a mar­ket?

  4. Stonch – is this a hint about your new ven­ture…? Sounds inter­est­ing.

    I don’t think you see very many excit­ing Ger­man beers in the UK, although the sit­u­a­tion is improv­ing. What about Kneitinger Bock, for exam­ple? A bit strong for the UK pub/bar mar­ket.

    Oh – Her­rn­brau! They’re from Ingol­stadt and every sin­gle one of their beers we tried was fan­tas­tic, espe­cial­ly their win­ter wheat beer (Schnee­waltzer…?).

    Baltic porters? They sound roman­tic, if noth­ing else.

    Paul – yes, I like Schnei­der a lot. It might sound daft, but the fact that it’s a lit­tle dark­er real­ly makes it look a lot tasti­er than some of the snow white wheat beers.

  5. Shock­ing­ly James Clay is how we get those Amer­i­can beers as well. All the way to the UK from the States, then to sit in stor­age before embark­ing on the sea jour­ney to the Antipodes. Its no won­der they are often pret­ty tired.

  6. Kier­an – that is tru­ly shock­ing. On a relat­ed note, do Japan­ese beers ever make it your way…? Inter­est­ing ones, I mean.

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