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"You can’t give booze to a baby!"

Keith Brainard’s daughter is better at beer tasting than most of us. This video of a recent beer tasting was crashed by his family, with amusing and frankly rather endearing results:


Keith’s blog is one of our favourites — lots of great tips for home brewers, mixed in with a little domestic detail.


For the source of the title of this post, see this Reeves and Mortimer clip which someone has kindly stuck up on Youtube.

2 replies on “"You can’t give booze to a baby!"”

Thanks for the link and the kind words.

I try to do one tasting post each week. Once it became videos, Iris had to become involved. Now she has brought along the whole family. Before long, I’ll be edged right off the camera.

This has made Iris’ day – she is very excited to be famous!

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