Ale-hop shop

The Ale-hop shopWouldn’t you be excited if you were on holiday in a country not renowned for its beer, and you came across this sign?

Unfortunately, it’s a chain of rather boring gadget/present shops in Spain. God only knows why it has that name.

Una pregunta para nuestros lectores españoles. ¿Hay alguien que sepa por qué esta cadena de tiendas tiene este nombre? Como sabeís, “ale” = tipo de cerveza, “hop(s)” = lúpulo, entonces a los beer-geeks les atormenta este letrero …


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Nice picture, It seems the shop the franchise has in calle María Auxiliadora , Salamanca, am I right?

Hop is an onomatopeyic interjection used in Spanish to express the movement of a jump. Ale is the Spanish adoption of the French prepositional adverb alée-on, towards, to the leeside… The use of these two words is related to the Circus.The Ringmaster says “alehop” when an artist performs an extraordinary jump, pirouette or alike. It may be translated as “come on and jump”(as the Van Halen’s song hehehe), “(on)jumping” or, the most suitable way in my opinion “here he goes”

Your association of ideas is brilliant, worthy of a beer alienated brain.GENIAAAAL.
Haya salud amigos.

Chela – can you actually tell it’s the one in Salamanca or was that a lucky guess?

I don’t think “beer-alienated brain” is something I want on my CV, but it’s an interesting expression!

Bailey-Actually, that’s the meaning.Great

Boak- I can tell you for sure.What’s the bet?( a pint for example?) hehehehehe.Abourt my weird expression, I was jooking :)…and to be honest it was the first expression coming to my beer alienated mind hehehhee

Haya Salud Amigos

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