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New York beer finder

What a great idea — is a website that tells you which beers you can find in which pubs and bars. Sadly, only for New York at the moment.

I wish someone would do one of these for London!

Via Lifehacker.

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As my pal Podge could tell you, this would be a very difficult task! Pubs change their beer range all the time. Indeed, the beers most beloved of the enthusiast are more than likely to be those that get picked up and dropped on a regular basis.

I think this would be a very difficult task, but you could take one step at a time. For example take the Rake in Borough Market. There you’ll find a host of beers that will generally be there every week and for arguments sake they would be be beers we’d list on the webiste. The ales that come in and out each week are quite specialised and maybe not necessary for the site, especially at the beginning.

I say let there be a beermenu webisite for London. Surely between us we can make a start of it!


Hello Mr Fionn, thanks for dropping by. As you’ve said, there are a number of good ale pubs that have a fairly regular range, so it would work for them.

And what if some clever soul were to devise an easy updatable database so that pubs could upload what they currently had on? Would the number of hits from scoopers looking for new stuff get advertising revenue?

Mind you, I suppose it would just lead to whingeing when said pub didn’t have the rare beer in question.

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