Pork Pies

porkpie.jpgZythophile has writ­ten elo­quent­ly of the his­to­ry of the ploughman’s lunch. Usu­al­ly, the main pro­tein com­po­nent is a big lump of sweaty yel­low cheese, but I’m very par­tial to a piece of pork pie.

So par­tial, in fact, that I made one.

The plan was to eat this with a nice pint of beer for Sun­day lunch. Of course, what we end­ed up doing was get­ting a bit tip­sy with Stonch at the Bet­sey Trot­wood, and eat­ing half of it at four in the morn­ing…

I got my recipe from Eliz­a­beth Orsini’s The Book of Pies. If you fan­cy mak­ing your own, here’s a decent recipe online.


4 thoughts on “Pork Pies”

  1. Nev­er mind about putting chopped-up bits of the roy­al arms on our new coinage, what about a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a pint and a pie? Is there any­thing more sym­bol­ic of Britain, I askew?

  2. I real­ly am a big fan of pies. I draw the line at cock­ney pie and mash – what’s the grey stuff in those pies? – but every­thing else, from Gregg’s steak slice to a Bor­ough mar­ket wal­let-buster, works for me.

  3. Gregg’s makes me ashamed. I hope peo­ple don’t realise it’s a Geordie thing (Gregg’s of Gos­forth is the full name, Gos­forth being part of Ny’cassel)

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