Tasty British lager

Being big fans of good lager, we were excit­ed to read Stonch’s rave review of “Morav­ka”, a lager brewed by the Tadding­ton brew­ery in Der­byshire, in the mid­dle of Eng­land. We were even more excit­ed to see we could give it a go in the Jerusalem Tav­ern.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Bai­ley got man-flu, so I went on my own. And it is, indeed, love­ly stuff. One thing that marks it out from oth­er micro-brewed lagers we’ve tried is it had the body and car­bon­a­tion spot on – it wasn’t thin and fizzy, but rather bold and almost creamy in tex­ture. Flavour­wise it’s accen­tu­at­ed more towards the malt than the hops, but it’s cer­tain­ly not sweet or bland. I could drink pint after pint of it.

Micro-brewed lager has got a very tough con­vinc­ing job to do in the UK. It can’t com­pete with the mass-mar­ket­ed rub­bish, but can’t count on a “craft beer / arti­sanal beer” mar­ket to make up for it, as too many ale drinkers just dis­miss lager. Yes, I know the read­ers of this blog are more tol­er­ant, but I’m sure you all know peo­ple who “won’t touch the stuff”…

So good luck to ‘em. They deserve to do well.
Dec­la­ra­tion of pecu­niary inter­est: I got my pint free, from an evan­ge­lis­ing Stonch. But I would def­i­nite­ly pay for it in future.


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  1. Thanks for com­ing down, and I’m real­ly glad you enjoyed it. Every­one seemed to and the tri­al has been deemed a suc­cess!

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