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Tasty British lager

Being big fans of good lager, we were excited to read Stonch’s rave review of “Moravka”, a lager brewed by the Taddington brewery in Derbyshire, in the middle of England. We were even more excited to see we could give it a go in the Jerusalem Tavern.

Unfortunately, Bailey got man-flu, so I went on my own. And it is, indeed, lovely stuff. One thing that marks it out from other micro-brewed lagers we’ve tried is it had the body and carbonation spot on – it wasn’t thin and fizzy, but rather bold and almost creamy in texture. Flavourwise it’s accentuated more towards the malt than the hops, but it’s certainly not sweet or bland. I could drink pint after pint of it.

Micro-brewed lager has got a very tough convincing job to do in the UK. It can’t compete with the mass-marketed rubbish, but can’t count on a “craft beer / artisanal beer” market to make up for it, as too many ale drinkers just dismiss lager. Yes, I know the readers of this blog are more tolerant, but I’m sure you all know people who “won’t touch the stuff”…

So good luck to ’em. They deserve to do well.
Declaration of pecuniary interest: I got my pint free, from an evangelising Stonch. But I would definitely pay for it in future.


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