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The Apprentices organise a piss-up in a brewery (sort of)

big_simonsmith.jpgThe Apprentice has been a guilty pleasure of mine ever since it started. Bailey doesn’t share my interest, so he missed out on watching the two teams attempt to lay on a themed food evening in a different London boozer.

The girls organised a “Bollywood night” – curry, music, dancing — in the King’s Head on Upper Street, Islington, which is a place I used to haunt back in the day. The boys put on a more formal Italian food evening in the Duke of Hamilton, Hampstead, a pub I haven’t been to, but it looked like it had some nice ales on. And did I catch a glimpse of Barclay Perkins livery?

Anyway, lest you think this is just an excuse to blog about my favourite TV programme, it got me thinking about themed nights in pubs. The idea in general sounds a bit tacky, and I’m not sure either of these were particularly good examples — though I do love a bit of Bollywood.

But the right theme, ideally but not necessarily focused on the beer, is potentially an excellent way for pubs to get new punters in. Tandleman wrote about a Welsh-themed night for St David’s day, which shows that you don’t have to have a particularly exotic theme. Some new beers, some different food, and dare I say it, some music, and you’ve suddenly given someone a reason to choose your pub that night. And maybe once they’re there, they’ll discover how nice and friendly you are, and how great your ales taste.

Photo: ex-soldier Simon is one of the contestants on The Apprentice. I’ve picked him because it’s about time a beer blog had some totty for the ladies…


9 replies on “The Apprentices organise a piss-up in a brewery (sort of)”

If he’s what passes for totty then frankly that’s encouraging! He’s got a distinctly dodgy haircut and a footballer’s tie knot (am I being a snob?)

I have to admit to also being a fan of Sir Alan’s antics. Can’t comment on the male tottie, but I felt both teams were off beam with their theme nights. The girls only won because the boys costs were so high. One of the original suggestions about traditional British would have been better suited for their venue and would have meant they could have opened at lunch.

The Duke of Hamilton is a great pub: the only proper local left in Hampstead. Good beer, reasonably priced, handy for the Heath.

I think I’d have rather gone to the girls’ night than the boys’ – it looked more fun, and more like a night in the pub with food, rather than a sorry attempt to be a restaurant.

Stonch, yes you are being a snob, and no amount of chatting about Eastenders will hide that 😉

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