The Apprentices organise a piss-up in a brewery (sort of)

big_simonsmith.jpgThe Appren­tice has been a guilty plea­sure of mine ever since it start­ed. Bai­ley does­n’t share my inter­est, so he missed out on watch­ing the two teams attempt to lay on a themed food evening in a dif­fer­ent Lon­don booz­er.

The girls organ­ised a “Bol­ly­wood night” – cur­ry, music, danc­ing – in the King’s Head on Upper Street, Isling­ton, which is a place I used to haunt back in the day. The boys put on a more for­mal Ital­ian food evening in the Duke of Hamil­ton, Hamp­stead, a pub I haven’t been to, but it looked like it had some nice ales on. And did I catch a glimpse of Bar­clay Perkins liv­ery?

Any­way, lest you think this is just an excuse to blog about my favourite TV pro­gramme, it got me think­ing about themed nights in pubs. The idea in gen­er­al sounds a bit tacky, and I’m not sure either of these were par­tic­u­lar­ly good exam­ples – though I do love a bit of Bol­ly­wood.

But the right theme, ide­al­ly but not nec­es­sar­i­ly focused on the beer, is poten­tial­ly an excel­lent way for pubs to get new pun­ters in. Tan­dle­man wrote about a Welsh-themed night for St David’s day, which shows that you don’t have to have a par­tic­u­lar­ly exot­ic theme. Some new beers, some dif­fer­ent food, and dare I say it, some music, and you’ve sud­den­ly giv­en some­one a rea­son to choose your pub that night. And maybe once they’re there, they’ll dis­cov­er how nice and friend­ly you are, and how great your ales taste.

Pho­to: ex-sol­dier Simon is one of the con­tes­tants on The Appren­tice. I’ve picked him because it’s about time a beer blog had some tot­ty for the ladies…


9 thoughts on “The Apprentices organise a piss-up in a brewery (sort of)”

  1. There’s plen­ty of that kind of malarkey on oth­er beer blogs. I was just try­ing to redress the bal­ance…

  2. If he’s what pass­es for tot­ty then frankly that’s encour­ag­ing! He’s got a dis­tinct­ly dodgy hair­cut and a foot­baller’s tie knot (am I being a snob?)

  3. I have to admit to also being a fan of Sir Alan’s antics. Can’t com­ment on the male tot­tie, but I felt both teams were off beam with their theme nights. The girls only won because the boys costs were so high. One of the orig­i­nal sug­ges­tions about tra­di­tion­al British would have been bet­ter suit­ed for their venue and would have meant they could have opened at lunch.

  4. The Duke of Hamil­ton is a great pub: the only prop­er local left in Hamp­stead. Good beer, rea­son­ably priced, handy for the Heath.

  5. Fact of the day: the actress who plays Roxy from Eas­t­en­ders (reet up my street) is Sir Alan Sug­ar’s niece. Good genes.

  6. I con­cur with Stonch’s mes­sage of hope. This guy will be join­ing me in the final of the World’s Weird­est Eye­brows Com­pe­ti­tion.

    (I’ll win.)

  7. I think I’d have rather gone to the girls’ night than the boys’ – it looked more fun, and more like a night in the pub with food, rather than a sor­ry attempt to be a restau­rant.

    Stonch, yes you are being a snob, and no amount of chat­ting about Eas­t­en­ders will hide that 😉

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