Tunnel brewing and marketing to the punter

tunnel2.jpgThe oth­er week I was head­ing through Bor­ough Mar­ket, on my way to Uto­beer, when I spot­ted a tem­po­rary stall with some beer to taste.

It was manned by one of the brew­ers from the Tun­nel Brew­ery, “War­wick­shire’s newest micro­brew­ery”, and they had around sev­en or eight of their prod­ucts avail­able to sam­ple and buy, with a good dis­count on buy­ing five or more bot­tles. From look­ing at their their web­site, they seem to have a strat­e­gy of sell­ing direct to the punter via farmer’s mar­kets.

I tried a cou­ple, and as they were drink­able, went and bought five dif­fer­ent bot­tles. This is four more bot­tles than I’d prob­a­bly have bought if they’d been sit­ting on the shelves of Uto­beer, all thanks to the fact that there was a bloke there, sell­ing them. Oh, and the fact they had an excit­ing range, tak­ing in tra­di­tion­al ales of all colours as well as lagers and wheat­beers.

Sell­ing at mar­kets there­fore seems a good idea – as well as shift­ing more stock to the inter­est­ed pun­ters, they seemed to be doing a good job of get­ting passers-by to stop and try some. I can imag­ine this work­ing even bet­ter in small­er farm­ers’ mar­kets.

We’ve since tried three of the haul, and they’re very good. Well, the “Jean Cloudy Van Damme” Bel­gian Wit did­n’t appeal to my per­son­al tastes, but Bai­ley liked it. The Munich Style lager has a light gold­en colour, and excel­lent effer­ves­cence. Some malt in the mouth, but the over­whelm­ing flavour is crisp, minty hops. Fruity and but­tery notes remind­ed us more of a koelsch than a Munich lager, but it’s very tasty any­way.

My favourite was the Lin­da Lear “Dark Bit­ter” – I don’t know why it’s called dark, as it’s a gold­en-cop­per colour – but it’s cer­tain­ly bit­ter. The ini­tial dry and grassy taste did­n’t bode well, but the flavours devel­oped beau­ti­ful­ly in the mouth; caramel­ly malt and flow­ery hops that linger in the mouth long after the beer has gone. It’s only 3.7% too.


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  1. Some­thing like that hap­pened to me once in Karl­ste­jn. There was a bloke from Krkonossky Medved tout­ing their beers. He was so enthu­si­as­tic about it that we end­ed up buy­ing a few bot­tles to take home, despite the fact that they are not that good.

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