Beer Tycoon

At last, a computer game for people like us. Bizarre.

I can’t decide whether the brains behind this really understand the beer geek or not. On the one hand it offers the chance to come up with your own recipes and “highly realistic models of real brewing equipment such as Mass (sic) Tun, Copper Kettle, fermenting tanks, open fermenting vats, conditioning tanks, bottling and casking machinery”.

On the other hand, the aim of the game is “to run a high tech industrial scale brewery on a truly massive scale”. Surely the measure of success for any self-respecting beer geek is to get your beer voted in the top ten on RateBeer or something like that..?


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Well, the name of the game is Beer Tycoon and not Craft Brewer, so the goal is to become something like InBev and not just a successful brewpub.
Can still be fun, though….
I wonder if you can buy other breweries in other countries and ruin their brands in order to make your europivo more alluring to the marketing hypnotized public….

But Imagine for just a sec that you could do it the other way round. To create a quality microbrewery and take over industrial giants…. In a virtual world everything is possible, isn’t it?hehehehehe

BTW, Lupulo made a little review yesterday in CAAC… he’s beer geek enough to buy it asap so I let you know how the game is in a few days

Haya salud

I think if I found myself playing this I’d want to be put down. Life’s too short. Is it me?

I dunno. I like a good computer game, done well. But I’d only buy this if the gameplay was good, the subject matter alone isn’t enough!

So I wait with baited breath for Lupulo’s review…

I had to get a copy. I used to play video games all the time. Not so much any more. But I could not resist. I have been working with the game for a few hours, but I can’t figure out how to actually get it to sell any beer. I got a brewhouse and fermentation and bottling and warehouse and everything. But never do any sales come.

So far, the game is not terribly intuitive. And beer is brewed and fermented all within a day, so it’s not the most realistic, either.

One thing that is realistic is that you can blow $100K easily and lose almost immediately. Maybe if I figure out how to make it work, I’ll let you know.

OK So I got it to make money for me, but it is not a great game. It works best if you leave it alone, which isn’t exactly conducive to fun! Though I let it run overnight. Went to bed with $100K and woke up with $500K! That should let me have some fun with it!

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