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Damm launch posh new beer

The Damm brewery in Spain have just launched a posh new beer, Inèdit, which I believe means something like “new” or unknown (pardon my Catalan if not, I’m sure someone will correct!)

It is designed specifically to go with food, “to be an alternative to wine in the best restaurants”. It’s been designed with the help of Ferran Adria and sommeliers from El Bulli, which is supposed to be the best restaurant in the world.

It’s not clear from the Damm press release whether the beer will actually be served at El Bulli — it would look a bit weird on the 150 page wine list. They make a big deal about how this is supposed to be a high end product. That said, the recommended price is starts at 8 Euros for a 75cl bottle — a bargain compared to what Meantime bottles for in London restaurants! The beer itself is bottle-conditioned, containing a mixture of wheat and barley malts, with coriander, orange peel and liquorice flavours.

It certainly sounds interesting. In our humble opinion, Damm already make the best mass-produced beer in Spain, and their Voll-damm (pictured) is an excellent strong amber / maerzen by anyone’s standards. I’m looking forward to reading the first tasting notes…

Story via Culturilla Cervecera – thanks Andres!


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I don’t think they’re generally trying to rip you off – it’s just that if you order “a beer” it indicates a bottle.

Andres has prepared a really handy spreadsheet for how to order different measures in bottles and on draft in different parts of Spain and beyond… I’ve found you can’t go wrong with “caña”, but then I like little measures…

I have a soft spot for Estrella-Damm, it’s a million miles ahead of San Miguel. The only annoying thing I find in Spain is the number of times you get served bottles beer not draught if they think you can’t see what they’re doing/taste the difference.

Hola Boak,

Inèdit se utiliza para indicar algo nuevo (new). Si fuese un libro en vez de una cerveza, la palabra exácta sería unpublished!!!

Desde luego esta cerveza es algo inédito, ayer por la noche nos tomamos otra en casa de unos amigos y le encontré unos tonos afrutados y una gasificación que no recordaba de la cata del otro dia. El finish de anoche se parecía mucho más a una lambic que a una cerveza de trigo.

La seguiré probando con tranquilidad y cuando acabe con las DunkelWeizen en el blog publicaré su nota de cata.

Salud, Andrés.

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