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The Dude and Catastrophe, Achewood, California

Chris Onstad has written a new Achewood comic strip almost every day since 2001. Achewood is the story of a bunch of stuffed toys and pets struggling with seasonally affected depression, baldness and vast wealth in a fictional suburb of Los Angeles.

Why mention it here?

Onstad is on record as a fan of Fuller’s 1845, which he wrote about on his blog after a trip to London in 2004. Good food, pubs and boozing are a constant theme in the strip.

And Onstad’s Anglophilia is expressed in the strip through the character of Cornelius Bear (Mr Bear) — a plummy, well-educated old cove who runs a pub: The Dude and Catastrophe. Like most of the characters in the strip, Cornelius also has a blog. There are some great observations therein on the philosophy and business of running a 21st century boozer.

Let me put all of that another way: Achewood is very funny. You should read it, if you don’t already.

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You’re probably not alone. My brother doesn’t find it very funny either. It makes me laugh like a four year old, though!

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