The Session #15: seeing the light

Ver­sión castel­lana

It’s Jan­u­ary, not many win­ters ago. We’re in the Alt­stadthof, a brew­pub in Nurem­berg, and we’ve just decid­ed that the “Rothes” beer we’ve just drunk three pints of is the best beer we’ve ever tast­ed. We look at each oth­er and decide we’ve fall­en in love with beer.

We decide we want to learn more about it – how can the “lager” we’ve been told is the root of all evil be so won­der­ful­ly var­ied? How do they make this amaz­ing stuff? And so an obses­sion is born from a brief win­ter hol­i­day.

We picked Nurem­berg for a des­ti­na­tion as (a) the flights were incred­i­bly cheap (b) it seemed like an inter­est­ing place, espe­cial­ly if you like his­to­ry and cen­tral Euro­pean win­ters. I also booked a few days “sur­prise” hol­i­day in the love­ly Hotel Nepo­muk in Bam­berg, as a birth­day treat for Bai­ley. I chose Bam­berg because I’d heard it was pret­ty, and had a rec­om­men­da­tion for the hotel in ques­tion. (It’s a classy joint – fel­low beer-blog­ger Evan Rail cel­e­brat­ed his hon­ey­moon there recent­ly.)

So we planned a trip to the beer mec­ca that is Fran­co­nia, with­out beer being a moti­va­tion, and with­out real­ly know­ing much about beer at all. I’m not say­ing we’re experts now, but at the time we didn’t know our Dunkel from our Dunkel-Weiss, and nor did we care. In those days we drank real ale, but also “nor­mal” lager. We weren’t suf­fi­cient­ly inter­est­ed in beer to pick a pub on the basis of it, let alone a hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion.

That changed with this hol­i­day.

We not­ed from the guide­book that Bam­berg was famous for its brew­eries, and that peo­ple vis­it­ed from all over the world to try the prod­ucts from the nine (or is it ten? or eight?) brew­eries. That’ll be fun, we thought, gives us some­thing to do. The rest is a bit of a blur­ry haze – I couldn’t tell you which ones we vis­it­ed with­out see­ing them again (at least two were shut) or what beers we liked. I remem­ber Rauch­bier, but I don’t think I liked it par­tic­u­lar­ly at the time. I remem­ber being sur­prised and bewil­dered by the dif­fer­ent names and types of beer, and try­ing to work out what the dif­fer­ence was between a pils and a helles.

By the time we got back to Nurem­berg, we were eager to try every­thing we could get our hands on. Then came the after­noon in the Alstadthof, and we were hooked.

We’re going back to Nurem­berg and Bam­berg in a cou­ple of months, armed with a bit more knowl­edge. We’ve already been back to the Alstadthof, and the Rothes is still our favourite beer in the world.

For more on drink­ing in Nurem­berg, see our post from June last year.

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