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Great stuff this Bass

We found this advert for Bass in a magazine from 1955. There’s something in the argument they give for their filtered blue triangle beer as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to take bottle-conditioned beer to a picnic…

An advert for Bass beer from 1955 -- red triangle is bottle conditioned, but blue triangle is better for taking to cricket matches!

Here’s an old post with another vintage beer advert.

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Cool poster.

Were Red and Blue Triangle exactly the same beer? Funnily enough, I have details of both from September 1956, courtesy of the Whitbread Gravity Book:

Blue Triangle FG 1012.4, OG 1051.9, 4.94% ABV
Red Triangle FG 1004.1, OG 1053.5, 6.18% ABV

They cost the same – 1/5d for half a pint.

There’s a clear advantage in going with the natural beer. If you’re a pisshead.

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