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Fraenkische Schweize (3) – the most idyllic beer garden in the world?

“Idyllisch” is a word our Wanderfuehrer likes to use. A lot. But the place that deserved it most, in our humble opinion, was the beer garden on top of the Staffelberg, a hill outside Bad Staffelstein.

The picture is our attempt to capture the view from the beer garden, across the valley. It doesn’t really do it justice. On tap is the wonderful hop-bomb that is St Georgen-Brau Kellerbier and the almost-as-good Pilsener. They also have Weissbier from the nearby Staffelberg-Braeu in bottles (not so exciting, but cold and refreshing enough). There are a few snacks available, including some very tasty and cheap home-made cake. What more can one ask?


To get there, it’s a steep hike uphill from Bad Staffelstein (follow the Mainz-Donau way) or a more gentle hour and a half walk along the Jakobsweg from Vierzehnheiligen.

3 replies on “Fraenkische Schweize (3) – the most idyllic beer garden in the world?”

The St. Georgenbrau Keller a hop-bomb? Really? I’ve always found it to be quite the opposite, although it could perhaps be due to older bottles here in the States. Nothing like drinking it fresh in Germany, I’d imagine.

This intrigues me. I’d be interested to hear more about it.

Never had it in bottles, so I couldn’t compare.

I think it was probably the hoppiest beer we had all holiday. Obviously it’s partly relative – I imagine that next to a Hercules Double IPA it wouldn’t seem so bitter, but it’s noticeably more bitter than a lot of other brews in the area.

And bloomin’ gorgeous with it too. Next trip we’re definitely going to the brewery tap.

I found this places by accident once and have always meant to go back. The beer I had there was great. It was dark and locally brewed. But usually anything from St Goerges is usually very good. I recomend the Coburger sausages when in the area.

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