The bitterest Pils is (not) hard to swallow

Wernesgruener Pils Legende is, for the moment, my new favourite beer.

It’s made near Berlin and, for a long time, was an East German speciality shipped mostly to the West. It’s now owned by the same people who own Bitburger.

I’ve been ignoring it because I read a review that said it had lost most of its character (like Hoegaarden, Urquell, etc. etc.) and I had other things to try. I don’t know what convinced me to give it a go after all, but I’m glad I did.

It’s remarkable for its bitterness, its hoppiness and its balance. I’ve bought people Jever before and watched them turn their noses up — literally — as its pungent odour assaults them about the brain. Wernesgruener is less extreme, but no less tasty.

Of course, it looks gorgeous in the glass — the thick white head rose inches above the glass and refused to move even a millimetre in the breeze.

I’m not ashamed to say that, when it’s hot, I often want to drink cold lager. This one was just what I needed.

You can get Wernesgruener in bottle at Zeitgeist. It’s sometimes also available in Aldi.


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I was a big fan of some East German beers, but never Wernesgrüner. Give me a Muhlhausen Pilsator any day. Though unfortunately that’s not possible, as the brewery closed almost two decades ago,

I’ve been drinking Wernesgrüner for years though not had any since Christmas.

Funnily enough I gave a friend a lift to the airport this morning. I was given a six pack of it by way of thanks. A very decent beer as you say.

I picked up a six pack of this from Aldi not realising what I was buying. I thought it would be a run of the mill pils like some of the other German beer they stock, but was very pleasantly surprised with how tasty it was. Dirt cheap too.

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